Go Big or Go Home

Never basic and NEVER disappointing, Steele Orchid is all about creating memorable moments through one-of-a-kind floral designs. Let’s get real: we’re not just floral designers. We’re floral architects and engineers – making uniquely organic floral arrangements that reflect your style and personality. Based in West Chester, PA, we source locally grown, sustainably farmed flowers from the rolling hills of Chester County, PA.

As masters of innovation, no idea is too big or too wild – challenge us, and watch us exceed your floral expectations! We go 110% in all that we do, mixing seasonal blooms, textures, and moods to create floral moments that’ll have everyone talking.

So, if you’re ready to ditch the ordinary and lean into the extraordinary for your next event, drop us a line!

Meet Sherrerd!

The Brains Behind the Blooms

Unfiltered and unapologetically badass, Sherrerd Steele is the owner, founder, and Chief Flower Guru of Steele Orchid.

With a career in geology and engineering, Sherrerd dove headfirst into the world of floral design when her son needed a florist for his wedding. That day lit a spark that drove Sherrerd to start Steele Orchid Floral Design in 2020.

Sherrerd’s larger-than-life personality is reflected in each of her designs, and her style embraces wabi-sabi – finding perfection in imperfection. Sherrerd’s engineering expertise also gives her a leg-up when bringing rule-bending creations to life!

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